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I say welcome again because this is my attempt at a reboot. I started my journey a year ago and didn't know what I was doing, only that I wanted to do something. My website was thrown together quickly, I had no real direction and I really just wanted to throw something out there. I was afraid to really put myself out there. To be honest, I was hiding behind my website instead of being out in front...all of me....the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly...etc.

I thought "my favorite Tik Tokers, bloggers, Instagram peeps are the ones that are real". You know, the ones that show all of themself. The ones that admit, "I'm not perfect", "my kid was an asshole today", "screw it, we went to McDonalds", "how do you get rid of the boob sweat", etc.

So, my reboot - - this is my attempt at putting it all out there. Maybe you'll like me or maybe you won't but it will be me. I hope you'll subscribe and get something out of my website. Whether it's a easy recipe, a funny post about my kids that will make you laugh, an organize hack, or something. I love feedback so please feel free to shoot me an email or complete the contact form if you have suggestions or questions.

Ready, Set.....Let's Do This!

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